Congressional Hearing on Internet Gambling Wraps, DoJ Says Online Poker Legal

A month after the Poker Players Alliance DC fly-in, the House Judiciary Committe held a hearing today on Internet gaming, and according to Casino Gambling Web:

“The simple conclusion of the Hearing is that, at the very least, Internet gambling is a fascinating subject that has many facets which each should be studied and examined more closely by the legislative body, state Governors, and state attorneys.”

Usattorneygeneralcatherinehanaway_2While that is exciting news, almost as exciting as watching lesbians fight over a midget MySpace star, which isn’t really as exciting as you’d think, the most interesting news from the hearing is that US Attorney Catherine Hanaway (miss pretty in the pic), who you may know as the conservative crusader behind the David Carruthers indictment, reportedly declared Internet poker legal for US citizens. At the same time she apparently also said that it is illegal for companies to accept bets that are deemed illegal. Yeh, doesn’t make sense to us either but we weren’t so much watching or listening to the hearing as we were Wii bowling while gorging ourselves on Ho Hos. Busy hump day for us at the WCP compound.

For a synopsis of the hearing from someone who actually was paying attention, go here.

For a transcript of Annie Duke’s testimony today go here.

For audio clips from the Judiciary meeting go here.

For Ho Hos recipes go here.


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