Cornel Andrew Cimpan Wins Second WPT Title of The Year

Hey, over here! I won some money too!

Hey, over here! I won some money too!

Absolutely, completely buried in the WSOP Main Event news this week was that Cornel Andrew Cimpan won his second World Poker Tour title of 2009 by capturing the Foxwoods World Poker Finals.

Cimpan won the LA Poker Classic earlier this year (dude looks way different than he did in February, right?).

Cornel beat out a solid final table, that included the kinda weird Soheil Shamseddin (second, $463,332), kinda stoned Matt Stout (third, $265,710), kinda large Eric Froehlich (fourth, $232,496), kinda don’t know who the fuck you are Curt Kohlberg (fifth, $199,283), and kinda the same person Lee Markholt-Watkinson (sixth, $166,069).

Get a very Blue Diamond Almonds flavored recap here.


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