Cunningham Comes Back to Reem Rheem, Capture Fourth Bracelet

Allen_cunningham_winner Three-handed, WSOP bracelet on the line in the $1,000 + rebuy tourney (Event #14), Allen Cunningham’s stack was down to 200,000. He had only 8% of the total chips in play.

His two opponents, David Rheem and Captain Tom Franklin, were stacked at 1,550,000 and 720,000, respectively.

But as LL Cool J might say, "don’t call it a comeback." In fact, don’t even think about calling it a comeback. This is Allen freaking Cunningham we’re talking about here. Last year’s WSOP POY. Allen Cunningham comes back for no one.

Cunningham’s improbable comeback to claim his fourth bracelet started with a timely pair of pocket Aces. Allen moved all-in pre-flop and was called by David Rheem (9d-8d). His Aces held, and he never looked back.

Cunningham continued to build his stack, but when Captain Tom was eliminated in third place (banking $185,431) soon after Allen’s aces held, Cunningham was still outstacked by a little over 2.6-1. However, after raising and winning four of the next five hands and then doubling up when his pocket Queens held against Rheem’s A-Q, Cunningham assumed the chip lead and, well, again, he never looked back. Because looking back is not something Allen Cunningham does. Looking back is not in Allen Cunningham’s nature. Allen Cunningham does not look back, unless maybe he’s in reverse backing out of a driving space or something. Seriously, he doesn’t want to back into a car. He’s not crazy.

For the win, Cunningham brings home $625,830 and his fourth bracelet. David Rheem rakes in 327,981 for second.

In other 2006 WSOP news…

:: The final table is set for Event #16 – $10,000 PLO. Jani Vilmunen leads, stacked at 485,000. Hasan Habib is in second with 349,000. Other notables include Lee Watkinson (276,000), Mickey Appleman (102,000), and Rafi Amit (99,000). No one else remaining is notable.

:: 139 remain in the $1,000 NLH tourney (Event #17). Corey Chaston leads. John "The Razor" Phan is third overall. Check out full chip counts at Card Player.

* Image from Poker Pages.

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