Cunningham Makes a Huge Call…And Then Makes a Bad One


Huge Call: Jamie Gold raises 800k. Allen Cunningham calls from the big blind. The flop is 8-8-3. Gold fires away 1M and Cunningham calls.  The turn is a 2 and both check.  The river is a Q.  Gold bets out 2M and Cunningham goes into the tank. Gold starts talking, telling him "I’ll show you if you fold." Cunningham then calls with A-9. Gold mucks, and Cunningham goes up to 17.5M.

Bad Call: Then, Michael Binger moves all-in UTG. Cunningham, in the big blind, calls. Binger has A-Q vs. Cunningham’s…Q-J? Why Allen? Why? After losing the hand, he’s back down to around 14M. Binger is now up to 8M.

No Call: Elsewhere, after sitting out the first four hours of play of so, Rhett Butler, who we forget was still playing, has decided to get into the action…by moving all-in…on any hand he has…cause he has no chips left…and has no choice. He’s still around 4M.


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