Dad Who Bankrolled Absolute Poker Wins Event #11

Phil Tom, dad of Absolute Poker founder, wins 2008 WSOP Event #11.

Phil Tom (above) is not your typical WSOP bracelet winner.

And that’s not just because he’s a newly elected Davidson Matthew Club member.

Or that he denied Greg "FBT" Mueller his second bracelet in two years.

No, Phil Tom is one of the dad’s who bankrolled the launch of Absolute Poker back in 2003.

According to Absolute Detectives:

"AP was started by Scott Tom and a few Ivy league friends back in 2003. Phil Tom and the other fathers of these kids bankrolled the venture, and Absolute Poker was born. Phil Tom is Scott Tom’s FATHER, not his brother. The IP address that this ‘other’ account was logged in from was traced to the home cable modem of Scott Tom, CEO of Absolute poker. is apparently the CEO, and is also the owner of account POTRIPPER. Scott Tom is also apparently the owner of the STEAMROLLER account."

Read the full Absolute Detectives "who’s who" report on Scott Tom here.

While none of this at all implicates Phil Tom in any of the Absolute Poker scandal from last year, it’s an interesting wrinkle that’s not widely being reported by the so-called poker "media."

For the win, Tom banks $477,990, or just a few mil shy of what Potripper stole from people in high-stakes games.

Get full payout and results here.


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