Dan Harrington’s Cousin Wins Second Straight Open Championship

Dan Harrington’s reign as most successful member of his family has come to an end.

Until today, it was debatable.

However, Padraig Harrington once and for all put to rest the bitter* argument within his family as to "Who is the Most Successful Harrington."

With his second straight Open Championship (since when did it stop being the British Open? F’in pretentious brits…), Padraig has ascended to the pinnacle of the family food chain, ahead of cousin Dan Harrington and way, way ahead of cousin Joey Harrington.

In related news, watch Barry Greenstein‘s ultimate fantasy here.

* Unsubstantiated.


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  1. LJ

    July 21, 2008 12:00 am, Reply

    Seriously I’m going through withdrawls and I can’t take it! Get some interns to do the dirty work… I don’t care I need more. At least more boobies damn it. David and Dan are NOT doing it for me.

  2. Jeffrey Prest

    July 25, 2008 2:38 pm, Reply

    “(since when did it stop being the British Open? F’in pretentious brits…)”
    Er, since 1860, actually. It has been ‘The Open Championship’ ever since it was created: the only time it’s called ‘the British Open’ is when it is being distinguished from the US Open.
    Stick to breasts when you’re being bombastic, guys. There, at least, you have a f’in clue…

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