Dan O’Brien Does Not Win Partouche Poker Tour Main Event

The Partouche Poker Tour Main Event was such a goat rodeo, you’d think Ray Bitar was in charge of it.

First, they make a guarentee. Then when the prize pool feel about $470,000 short of the guarentee, they capitulate on the aforementioned guarantee like Germany was invading. Then Young Colonel Sanders announces the end of the tour. Then they reneg on the reneging of the guarantee that was previously aforementioned.

In the end, it all would’ve been OK had popular U.S. American pro Dan O’Brien pulled out a victory. Eff you, France. USA! USA!

O’Brien came close, but bowed out in fourth place for his largest ever live cash, banking $429,736.

The event was won by Ole (Ole Ole!) Schemion who earned $1,473,769. He defeated Karen Sarkisyan (not a woman) who scored $871,424.

Get a full recap here.


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