Daniel Negreanu All-Time Career Tournament Money Winner; Finishes Second at PCA

Daniel Negreanu almost sniffed out a victory in the 2011 PCA Super High Rollers event.

Daniel Negreanu is a few cards away from having a sick couple of years.

Negreanu has runner-uppedTM some major events since 2009, including a WSOP tourney, a WSOPE Main Event title, an EPT crown, and now…the 2011 PCA Super High Rollers event.

Fortunately he can wipe his tears with hundred dollar bills, as Negreanu banked another $1M in earnings for runner-uppingTM the event.

The second place finish gives him $14.1M total over his lifetime, or math math math around $400k more than Phil Ivey.*

In semi-related news, Eugene Katchalov won the 2011 PCA Super High Rollers event, banking $1.5M

Get full final table results here.

* Side note: we use the PokerPages money list instead of Hendon Mob. The Hendon Mob db factors in Poker After Dark earnings, which is pretty lame considering it’s a short-handed invite-only made-for-TV event.

* Image courtesy of PokerStars Blog.


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  1. rob

    January 9, 2011 5:55 am, Reply

    That just means the Mob database is more complete though. Invite only short handed made for TV is just another form of poker. It’s more data on which to judge. If someone only plays those events and none other, does that mean he or she deserves no rankings at all according to you or PokerPages? Does that mean, in effect, that they are not a poker player?
    You are now choosing to exclude certain data on criteria which has no real validity, and only a given reason of ‘it’s lame’. This is both poor reporting and poor op-ed.

  2. Wicked Chops Entity

    January 9, 2011 10:48 am, Reply

    Rob, posted before we were finished. You’re wrong on this one. PAD (great show btw) is invite only based on personalities, not necessarily accomplishments. It’s basically a short-handed SNG with a very exclusive cast. More of an exhibition than a tournament (which is why something like NBC Heads-Up IS valid…you’ve got some qualifications to make the field which guarantees 35-40 of the top top guys are in it). Promise you if Hendon wasn’t partially owned by Tilt, and PAD wasn’t underwritten by Tilt, Hendon wouldn’t be posting those results. It’d be no different if PokerPages suddenly credited Blom with his heads-up victory over ElkY yesterday. It was a small field (2) exhibition event. Shouldn’t count. PAD is absolutely and completely not like a WSOP event, WPT event, etc.

    BJ is probably pre-came a little reading this discussion thread. What do you think, Mr. Nemeth?

  3. Rob

    January 9, 2011 11:21 am, Reply

    But everything is owned, sponsored, influenced, controlled or promoted by something or someone. To just exclude one seems unfair?

    • Wicked Chops Entity

      January 9, 2011 2:23 pm, Reply

      It’s still the only prominent event in their earnings db though that isn’t 1) an open event, or 2) an event with more than 6 people that is based on qualifications from actual live poker accomplishments. We bring that point up because something like the HOF/All-Star WSOP Event–it’s at least multi-table and the qualifications are winning a bracelet–so you need to have accomplished something of note to get in.

  4. Rob

    January 10, 2011 4:07 am, Reply

    It’s still an earning opportunity. The qualification criteria aren’t person specific (as far as I know), they’re a combination of sponsorship, eminence, previous results, reputation, influence and a million other major or minor historical factors. The players weren’t pre-ordained at birth. It is theoretically possible for anyone to have gotten to that stage. Just because 2 or more did and others didn’t is no reason to exclude them. I like WickedChops, and I like the Mob, I have no real axe to grind and no vested interest in either – I just think you guys got it wrong this time.

    • Wicked Chops Entity

      January 10, 2011 9:55 am, Reply

      And to us it’s basically a version of the Skins Game in golf: a made-for-TV exhibition (based on personalities/appeal/who is available) where you earn money but it doesn’t go towards your overall career earnings. Exact same thing.

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