Daniel Negreanu Is Just Killing .02-.05 Online

After a long hiatus, Daniel Negreanu is back with another (few) vlogs. In this first one we catch him grinding it out at the .02-.05 tables, where he's padded his bankroll $9 today. Which means he's about $3,530,009 better this month than durrrr.

He also gives his out his thoughts on the 2009 WSOP schedule.

Watch for his thoughts on Michael Phelps and the Gus Hansen vs. Theo Jorgensen boxing match shortly.

Watch Daniel Negreanu is Enjoying Life on RawVegas.tv


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  1. grappler7777

    February 5, 2009 10:26 am, Reply

    I dunno… Ive been watching Danny N’s play and have seen him struggle with the .02/.05 crowd.
    He got stacked at least once. I think he is stuck for about $4.00.

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