Daniel Negreanu Kicked Someone Out of the Crapper

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During non-WSOP-times, about 95% of all WCP posts are written on the crapper. Wifi revolutionized our site. So we’re particularly fond of the bathroom. It’s sacred ground. And we’re especially understanding of toilet-related issues and toilet etiquette. In fact, 1/3 of the Entities once wrote an entire chapter on Corporate America bathroom etiquette for a book that he never got around to finishing. Had that book been published, we could have safely said that we actually had written the book on crapper etiquette. Or at least a chapter of the book.

Point is, we understand why some random dropping off a few kids at the lake when 1) he shouldn’t be there to begin with, and 2) people are right outside the door eating and there’s a bathroom located away from said eating area that was open would bother Daniel Negreanu.


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