Daniel Negreanu Leading LAPT Grand Final

With around 50 remaining as of post-time on Saturday, Daniel Negreanu is the chip leader at LAPT Grand Final.

Negreanu is, of course, fresh off his verbal bitch-slapping vlog of Howard Lederer, Ray Bitar, and Chris Ferguson. In the above interview at the LAPT, he hints at a “fourth” person worthy of ire. We’re not ones to speculate–and by that we mean we’re totally ones to speculate–so we can best assume the fourth he’s referring to Gil Coronado, the “CFO” who has miraculously escaped any blame or scorn for the financial mess Tilt was in.

A total of 367 entered the LAPT Grand Final, creating a first place prize of $324,600. A total of 48 will cash.

Some other notables remaining include Felipe Ramos, the insufferably annoying Humberto Brenes, and Elio Fox.

Follow the action here.

UPDATE: A total of 24 remain at the end of Day 2. Negreanu around the average stack. Get full chip counts here.


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