Daniel Negreanu Training for a Big WSOP, Likes Fighting

With the 2008 WSOP just six weeks away, Daniel Negreanu is getting mentally and physically prepared for a big run this year.

In an interview with RawVegas.tv resident hottie and host Denise Pernula, Negreanu detailed what he’s doing to prep for the grind of the WSOP (treadmill anyone?). However, he skated around a question as to whether or not the blow-up interview he did with our friends at Siktilt was staged (watch Daniel Negreanu push reporter into pool). One thing Negreanu made clear: he’s not afraid to throw-down with anyone.

Watch Daniel Negreanu video interview


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  1. chao

    April 19, 2008 11:10 am, Reply

    Negreanu posted in his blog yesterday that the interview with siktilt was staged, that it was their idea

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