Daniel Negreanu’s Big Swing Charity Golf Tournament

If there's one thing we've learned from the Celebrity Apprentice, it's that Annie Duke gives good head Annie Duke is a whore pit viper Annie Duke is Hitler Joan Rivers' face is about to fall off being married to Joan Rivers would deduct about 20 years off your life Melissa Rivers is a 40 year-old baby Clint Black is creepy with squinty beedy little eyes Herschal Walker still fucking rules go DAWGS fuck yeah Jesse James reminds us of Sling Blade poker players are an extremely philanthropic bunch.

One of the biggest givers (no jokes please) is Daniel Negreanu, who yesterday announced his first annual Big Swing a charity golf event to be held at Rio Secco Golf Club on June 25th, 2009. 

The tournament benefits the Lili Claire Foundation and is what Daniel was planning for when he was vlogging from a secret location here (note that 1/3 of the Entities' progen pops into frame around the :58 second mark).

The event will feature 30 amateur teams, each of whom will be paired with one professional poker player.   Poker Stars is running qualifiers for team buy-ins, so try to play your way in there.

Get more information on this great cause here.

Watch Daniel's Big Swing on RawVegas.tv


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