Daniel Negreanu Banks A Bundle From Golf Prop Bet

Watch Catching Up With Daniel Neagranu From His Golf Room Turned Into a Green Screen Studio

Shot from the new PokerVT studio in his house, in Daniel Negreanu‘s latest vlog, he talks about the golf prop bet that if you’re friends with him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter, he’s been discussing at length (in short characters) lately.

Basic premise of the bet was that he couldn’t shoot 80 from the blue tee’s in under a year. Some big names that you probably have heard of bet against it, and Negreanu started grinding away, going from around a 106 down to an 80 in a year at a very difficult course. While we can’t get the official dollar amount of the win, we’ve heard it’s in the hundreds of thousands.

In the grand scheme of golfing prop bets, this may not be as singularly impressive as Erick Lindgren‘s epic 2007 bet (read Dr. Pauly’s awesome recap of it here), but for anyone who golfs, trimming almost 40 off your handicap in a year is pretty damn impressive.


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  1. Kajagugu

    May 27, 2010 4:41 am, Reply

    It’s not that hard when you play every day, can afford the best golf instructors and are a golf nut. And keeping your head down is also important. And your eye on the ball.

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