Daniel Negreanu’s Protege Does Not Win WSOPC Lake Tahoe Championship

The Yankees did not win the 2001 World Series.

Tiger Woods did not triumphantly return to the PGA tour and win the U.S. Open on Father’s Day–his first tournament in 9 weeks after the death of his father.

Brian Fidler, Daniel Negreanu’s protege, did not win the WSOPC championship at Harrah’s.

Clint_baskinSometimes the best storylines just don’t come true. 

Instead, super satellite qualifier Clint Baskin (at right) takes the title by defeating Fidler heads-up. So while it would be nice to build upon this story by saying that Clint was running late for the final table because he just saved a puppy from a burning building or his wife gave birth to triplets at the exact same moment he won the final hand, as far as we know, none of that happened.

This is Baskin’s first cashing at major tournament. He banks $372,240 for his efforts.

Final table results as follows: 2) Brian Fidler – $206,800, 3) Tony Le – $113,740, 4) RCW Cheung – $82,720, 5) Justin Scott – $72,380, 6) J.C. Tran – $62,040, 7) Joe DuBois – $51,700, 8) Matt Russell – $41,360, 9) Jamin Stokes – $31,020.

* Photo from Poker Pages.


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