Darus Suharto Didn’t Need to Go All-In

For some reason, every final table someone who doesn’t really need to go all-in with some Ace-rag does and gets knocked out.

This year’s winner is Darus Suharto.

With blinds at 250,500 and 8,550,000 in chips, Darus re-raised Scott Montgomery all-in with A-8. Now open shoving with A-8, ok. Or repopping with two cards that are likely live, great. But A-8 you’re just asking for it. Montgomery went in the tank (Darus had molded a tight table image) and eventually called with A-Q, which held when the board turned the nut flush.

Suharto’s A-8 now joins last year’s winner, Lee "The Panther" Watkinson-Markholt‘s A-7, as hands that didn’t need to be re-raised all-in leading to eventually elimination something something.

With Suharto’s elimination, the stacks are getting pretty closely lumped together.

Chip counts: Peter Eastgate – 40,500,000, Scott Montgomery – 31,950,000, Ivan Demidov – 25,125,000, Ylon Schwartz – 19,375,000, Dennis Phillips – 19,275,000.


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  1. Blah

    November 9, 2008 10:02 pm, Reply

    You guys are usually right on, but this entire post is just dumb. His play was fine, especially considering both players image. A-8 against Montgomery is more often than not the best hand, not to mention the Montgomery’s propensity to fold when played back at.
    Good move by Suharto, unlucky to run into a legitimate hand. At least it proved that he wasn’t there to nit it up. That little man got in there and mixed it up, not bad for “the tightest player at the table.”
    You guys are often hilarious, but too often you just force things. If you don’t have anything about Annie Duke or naked girls to write about, then don’t.

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