David “Chino” Rheem Gets Sucked Out On, Then Sucks Out

In a hand you’d only typically see on Stars, David "Chino" Rheem called an all-in against Ivan Demidov. Rheem had 10-10, the Russian guy 9-9.

The flop gave Chino a set, but the turn gave Ivan a flush. The hit cut Rheem’s stack in half, as he’s got 8.4M and Demidov now has 18.7M.

That hit was very Bad for PokerTM.

Our very first vlog from Rheem coming soon. (vlog now below)

UPDATE: Just a few hands later, Chino sucked out a straight against Joe Bishop on the river. Another Stars hand. We’re down to 10.

VIDEO: David "Chino" Rheem at 2008 WSOP Main Event


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