David “Chino” Rheem – Good for Poker(TM)?

We picked David "Chino" Rheem to win the 2008 WSOP Main Event almost two weeks ago.

On the surface, this one is a no-brainer.

Having randomly picked David "Chino" Rheem from the get-go, we’re naturally inclined to say he’s definitely Good for PokerTM. And by "Good for PokerTM" we mean "Good for Wicked Chops Poker."

However, it’s not such a clear-cut case.

We all know that the Asian countries are better poker players. Kind of like how Arabs make better terrorists. It’s just in their DNA. So really, do we need any more over-confident hyper-loose-aggressive Asians from Commerce flooding the scene?

On the other hand, Chino is definitely one of the more charismatic figures left. He’s a good sport. And we picked him from the beginning. He should make good TV. And he was our pick from Day 1.

Chino is looking good for the final table now, as at 10:15pm PST we’re down to 11 and he is third overall with just shy of 14M.


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  1. Jeremiah Smith

    July 15, 2008 6:25 am, Reply

    After Albert Kim busted Jon Turner, he asked the question, “How could I fold?? I had a Korean set.”
    Kim had 9h8h on a AhTh8h board vs Turner’s AA.

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