David Chiu is Playing Very Well

Wicked Chops Poker was the first to report that Card Player reported that Phil Hellmuth thought that David Chiu was playing very well during Day 3 at the 2006 WSOP.

Chiu_1And since Snake told Chops once the Chiu report went up that: "Funny, I’ve been watching Chiu’s table, and I thought the same thing," that means that Snake probably thought Chiu was playing very well even before Hellmuth did. So really, technically we were likely the first to think that David Chiu was playing very well.

You heard it here first.

Then it should come as no surprise to anyone, especially the entities that comprise Wicked Chops Enterprises LLC, that David Chiu ended Day 3 play as the chip leader, stacked at 650k.

Only 481 players now remain. One of those players is FOWCP Vaughn Sandman, who doubled his stack today to 330,500 while playing at the same table with none other than defending champ Joe Hachem. As our friends at 4th Street reported, "Sandman eventually put the the champ on mega tilt when the frustration of all Hachemvaughnhachem1of his moves ended with Hachem telling him he was out of his mind." Or to be specific, as reported on the PokerStars Blog, after Sandman pushed all-in as table chip leader after a Hachem pre-flop raise–forcing Hachem to fold A-K–Sandman flipped over his A-Q, and the tilting began. Hachem said, "He might have lost his mind. But I haven’t lost mine mate." He later admitted, "I had no fight left in me after that kid made a move." Hachem still survived though, ending the day stacked at 180k.

PokerStars qualifiers Jon Lane (580k) and Dmitri Nobles (530k) continue their strong play, ending Day 3 around the chip lead again. Other notables remaining include: Humberto Brenes – 440k, Allen Cunningham – 285k, Dan Schmiech – 240k, Hoyt Corkins – 163k, Annie Duke – 156k, Ted Forrest – 134k, and Daniel Negreanu, who hung in as a short-stack for the majority of the day, but double up to 104k near the end of play.

Check back around noon (PST) when cards fly again for continued coverage.


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