David Sklansky Did Not Have Sex With Three Billy Goats, Weighs In On Latest Brandi Hawbaker Dramabomb, and Some Other New Brandi Hawbaker Rumors

Brandi_hawbaker_12The pimprexel/Brandi Hawbaker break-up thread has blown up on 2+2, so much so that it even briefly crashed the famed forum’s database.

So much gossip is being thrown around it’s hard to even know where to start. Actually, no it’s not:

:: David Sklansky, who kind of looks like he’d be Robert Varkonyi’s father, responded to pimprexel’s comment that, "…I am not sure if things I know about second hand or even have witnessed regarding others would be appropriate to disclose i.e sklansky, relationships with other well known pro’s, things that she did to earn money during the world series etc. ." To which Sklansky said: "You have my permission to post anything that you think you know about me that is both important and is something you think I am keeping secret. Either do that or kindly retract your implication."

:: Sklansky later added this classic line in another post: "I’m not going to spend hours proving I didn’t have sex with three billy goats or whatever else you might claim she said." Read more on that thread page here.

:: However, Sklansky did admit he told Brandi to use the high rollers to get cash for buy-ins, etc. Brandi interpreted this as "let them bang you for money," which would explain why she suddenly stopped talking to Sklansky and ignored him when he bumped into her a few months later. More on that here.

:: We reported over the summer that there might’ve been something going on with Brandi and 2006 WSOP champ Jamie Gold. That relationship seems to have been confirmed in some of the posts. Read our story from this past summer here and a 2+2 thread here.

:: Brandi also is rumored to have banged Gus Hansen during the WSOP this summer. However, Gus being Gus wouldn’t give her a penny. Shit, Gus bangs so many chicks he probably already forgot he nailed Brandi. "Which one is that. Ya not ringing a bell." But more on that here.

:: Brandi then also was reportedly with 2001 WSOP and 2007 WPT champ Carlos Mortenson for a few weeks at the end of 2006. Read that thread here.

:: And finally, one poster ran a public records search on Brandi, and it turns out she may not be 25, but actually 32 or 33. More on that here.

All of this, of course, makes Brandi that much hotter. Now, the world poker forums await for Brandi to respond. Developing…

Brandi’s interview about her relationship with David Sklansky at the 2007 WSOP


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  1. Tony

    January 15, 2008 2:59 am, Reply

    In what sad realm of reality do you pathetic no-lifes live in where Brandi Hawbaker is considered “hot”? Hot compared to what–Rosie O’Donnell?
    Great poker coverage too, by the way.

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