David Sklansky Too Old to Be Doing This

David Sklansky is old, creepy, Brandi Hawbaker is young, freakyIn the latest 2+2 dramabomb, David Sklansky goes into detail about some alleged blackmail/threatening/panty and pube shaving (NSFW) incident with WCP fave crazy girl Brandi Hawbaker.

First, let’s just get this out of the way: David Sklansky is freaking 60 years-old. Eventually and at some stage, there comes a time in a man’s life (like when he’s 60) to stop trolling forums (even if it’s your own forum) and posting sorted details of your personal (sex) life with women 30 to 40 years younger than you. Especially when it’s not a sex forum for old dudes but a poker forum.

And even if one of those women is threatening you.

Sklansky starts thel latest dramabomb thread by writing:

For the last 2 1/2 years I have been living with a handicapped 23 year old girl named Sue. She is blind in one eye and partially blind in the other. She is slightly disfigured, slightly autistic, and has frequent seizures. She can’t drive and can’t distinguish left from right. The cause of these things is that she is the product of incest. But she has an IQ of 125, is very artistic and loves everybody. She especially loved Brandi and was also attracted to her.

He then goes on to say that after a post by Brandi slamming him was deleted on 2+2, Brandi threatened him with an email she asked to have forwarded to 2+2 Publishing owner Mason Malmuth:

If my thread is not put back up ~ OR if you EVER delete another post or thread of mine again (and ban me) ~ I will make sure that same post is on every single other poker forum out there… I’m going to do an interview with Wicked Chops and Raw Vegas Tv and NWP and Bankroll Boost and Pocket
on Monday IF my thread is not posted back on the forum.

To which we say, bring it on Brandi Hawbaker!

Sklansky then pulls an Eminem 8 Mile scenario where he airs all of his dirty laundry before Brandi can. For example, he confirms the story about a vibrator he pulled out of his glove compartment and put between Brandi’s legs.

Anyway, a summary by us does not nearly do the whole Sklanksy write-up justice, so please go to 2+2 and read it for yourself.

And look for an interview with Brandi sometime in the near future (maybe).


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