David Williams A Fan of Borgata…Not So Much of Tunica Though

Gotta hand it to David Williams. Dude calls it like he sees it.

In his latest vlog on RawVegas.tv, David Williams goes over his early poker schedule (yah on Borgata, Tunica, nay on the Aussie Millions). While admitting that the one shining gem in the shithole that is Atlantic City–The Borgata–is "one of my favorite places on the east coast," DW isn’t so fond of Tunica, which he calls, "a boring place in the middle of nowhere." True. True.

DW also goes on about another favorite spot, Commerce Casino, and a session where he banked about $90k in 40 hours. Watch the full clip below.

Speaking of the Borg, read coverage of the Borgata Winter Poker Open (getting huge prelim fields)

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