David Williams is Toying With His Table

DwattableDavid Williams is taking more than his opponents’ chips at the table.

Winning pot after pot and building his stack to nearly 50k, Williams decides to start making things really interesting. With a board showing T-9-A-8-T and 8,000 in the pot, Williams bets out 4k. An old Asian fella with white hair in seat 10 ponders for a minute. Williams keeps saying: "You’re going to muck. You know you’re going to muck."

After a few minutes, Williams says to his table: "I’ll give 3-to-1 odds that he mucks."

Seat 9 says he’ll take those odds and lays $100 on the table. Williams whips his $300 out.

The old Asian guy mucks, and Williams rakes the massive pot, as well as the $100.

In other news…

:: Brad Garrett has also busted. Not long after his time-out, Garrett was all-in with a flush against his opponent’s full-house.

:: Madsenclose_1Jeff Madsen is now "with" Full Tilt Poker. Oh yeah. They’re definitely doing it. We figured he’s with Full Tilt because he is frequently seen going into the Full Tilt room, his name appears in red with all of the other Full Tilters in Card Player’s chip count updates, and he is decked out in all Full Tilt gear, wearing his hat cocked sideways like some 21 year-old kid, which ironically is what he is. Mad Dog is stacked around 20k after the last break, just behind his arch-nemisis E-Fro, who is around 25k.

:: Phil Ivey is among the chip leaders. He’s never been down, and has been running over his table all day, in between fetching Brad Garrett his car, of course.


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