David Williams Pwns Street Fighter Alpha 3 and Jessica Alba After the Jump

We’d tell you that David Williams only played the $1500 Stud event at the 2006 World Series of Poker and won his first-ever gold bracelet because he beat Street Fighter Alpha 3 without dying the morning of the tournament, but that would ruin the story he tells in his most recent “Raw Reality” vlog on RawVegas.tv.

David Williams Raw Vegas Video

Okay, trailer to new Jessica Alba movie after the jump . . .

We don’t know much about Dane Cook except that he isn’t funny and steals other people’s jokes yet somehow gets to star in films with hot girls named Jessica, including a looking-rough-lately-yet-still-stacked Jessica Simpson in whatever that grocery store movie was and now Jessica Alba in Good Luck Chuck.

Watch the trailer for Good Luck Chuck below and tell us if the pay-off millisecond clip of her skirt being torn off in a car door somehow makes the movie at all watchable.


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