David Williams Signs with PokerStars; Shannon Elizabeth Signs with Carbon

Time to put a PokerStars cap on that head...

PokerStars has an impressive roster. No doubt about it. Even the random Euros they’ve signed that we’ve never heard of are smart choices on Stars’ end, because people who live in those Eastern block countries we’ve never heard of that are into weird porn know and like the aforementioned Euros we’ve never heard of before, so, you know, gooooo Marketing!

However, one thing Stars has been missing is a brother.

And a lesbian.

Until now.

PokerStars has scooped up a fresh-off-his-WPT-Championship win David Williams, and a fresh-off-her-NAPT-win, Vanessa Selbst. Good score for Stars as both are respected pros that can broaden their marketing reach.

In related but kind of unrelated news, Carbon Poker has signed a fresh-off-her-taking-a-rake-in-her-Hollywood-home-game Shannon Elizabeth to a sponsorship deal. This makes Shannon’s 47th endorsement deal (give or take) in poker. Read about it here.


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