Day 1 of Day 3 is Deep

Day 1 of Day 3 started with a different kind of fireworks then yesterday’s Sam Farha-Oliver Hudson knock-out (Farha ended the day second in chips), and it was courtesy of Mike Matusow. 

Mouth_staringdown_1Mike the Mouth was sent to time-out for 40 minutes after dropping F-bombs on the floorman.  As we heard Robert Williamson III explain it to his table, "…then Mike just went off to the floorman.  It was F-bomb this!  F-bomb that!"  Matusow is back with a cooler head…and his attorney.  Not sure what good that will do.  Maybe it’s because he’s also feeling cheated.  On one hand heads-up against an opponent (seen here in green hat), the guy’s hands went below the table after Matusow bet into him.  The Mouth said, "What, you reaching for extra cards?  We playing with a 54-card deck?"  The guy eventually folded.

James_woods_1Elsewhere, Full Tilt’er John D’Agostino is sitting at table 33 with over 20k already.  Nearby, we watched James Woods get quad 3’s.  He was down to just under 8k in chips early on, and limped in early position with pocket threes.  The pot ended up being 7-handed (all limpers).  The flop came up A-A-K (all mixed).  Woods leads out with 450.  He gets one caller.  Turn is a 3.  He bets 1k.  One caller.  River is another 3.  He CHECKS???!!!  The other guy checks.  Why he didn’t bet this (sure, he was trying to trap, but the other guy called him down that far, so why not) we don’t know.  The pot did put him back over 10k though.

Not far from Woods at table 70, T.J. Cloutier sits next to a fan of his.  The guy is yet another Poker Stars qualifier, and his screen name has "JackNine" in it.  J-9 is one of Cloutier’s favorite hands.  T.J. then explained to the table that the J-9 is known as "The Cloutier" because, "Three times in a no limit hold’em live game, I’ve flopped a straight flush with Jack-Nine."

Doyle_colinWicked Chops Poker attended the Doyle Brunson Appreciation party last night (which appropriately went from 10-2).  In attendance was an array of poker luminaries (Doyle, Caro, Sexton, Violette, Arieh…) and one-half of the Hilton Sisters, Nicky, along with her beau/Entourage star Kevin Connelly. All had a good time, especially a happily buzzed Violette who headed from the party over to the ESPN featured table with a glass of wine in hand. She chatted it up with Hellmuth and others while the cameras rolled and then took a bit of a stumble, followed by a seat in the stands. Brunson (seen here with Snake) had no problem making it here in time after the late night, and is seated today nearby Howard Lederer and Huck Seed (tables 45, 44, 46, respectively).

Recent WPT winner Arnold Spee is at table 40.  We spoke with Spee for a long time yesterday, and while he said he’d prefer a Day 2 draw, he’s still primed to go today.  Spee, an ex-ad guy, hasn’t been pro long, but with his recent WPT win in Reno, he’s enjoying doing what he loves most, playing tournaments full-time. 

Finally, the featured table is showcasing Marcel Luske now.  We imagine before the day is over, Doyle or Phil Ivey (table 48) will find their way on center stage.  Many other top pros fill out the field today, including Hoyt Corkins, Mel Judah, John Juanda, Chip Jett, Joe Sebok, Tony Ma, Minh Ngyuen, Thom Wherthman, Billy Baxter, Mark Seif, Huck Seed, Tom McEvoy, and some cute Asian girl in a kimono.



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  1. No one special

    September 2, 2006 8:13 pm, Reply

    That Japanese girl is name Sato Tamao. She’s an actress and former model. This is way old but what they hey :)

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