Day 1B is Much More Fun than Day 1A

Wicked Chops Poker is not going to lie to you. We would never do that. We respect you too much. We love you. So here’s the honest-to-God truth: Day 1A kind of sucked.

Not much interesting happened. Many of the biggest names and celebs didn’t play. It was mostly just solid play, no convo, nothing to see here.

Today, much better.

:: Two more of our Sweats, Jeff Sealey and John Veltheer of Fuel 55 are in action. Jeff is sitting next to Annie Duke, and also shares the table with Brent Carter. Tough first day draw. And Veltheer is at a table with a thug in a wheelchair. The wheelchair thug has been catching some big hands early on. After a pre-flop reraise of a Veltheer hand, our hero mucked, and wheelchair thug shows pocket Queens. Veltheer says, "That’s it. I’m done. Not playing any more hands with you!" Veltheer, who takes notes in between hands, took a hit soonthereafter and is down to around 7k. Sealey is around 10k.

:: Brad Garrett and Dax Shepard share a table. Garrett has been on a roll again. One of his friends was talking to Men the Master at a nearby table. Brad leaned over to his friend and said of Men, "I should open a cleaners with him." Earlier in the Bodog Lounge, Brad and Roger Cross kept exchanging friendly, funny jabs. After asking Victoria Pratt if she was a stripper for about the 10th time, Brad turned to Roger and said, "Now, can I get a picture of you? My wife likes the brothers." Roger replied: "Oh. Your wife must be a blonde."

:: Phil Hellmuth, slotted for the featured table, still hasn’t arrived.

PHOTOS of SEALEY and VELTHEER after the jump.



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