Day 2 Leaders of PokerStars Caribbean Adventure:
No One You’ve Ever Heard Of

Niedermeyer…DEAD!  Dean Wormer…DEAD!  All of the "name" Day 1 chip leaders…

Antonius, Schulman, Harman, McManus, Smith, Phan, Lindgren, Greenstein, Mercier, Ivey, Kanter, Seidel, Hachem…all…all of ’em…gone.

Remaining are a bunch of Internet qualifiers, but what do you expect?  This is PokerStars’ event. 

Leading them all is Steve Paul-Ambrose, stacked with 275,200.  He’s followed by Isidor Subotic (274,800), Allen Goldstein (257,000), David Singer (248,600), and Will Barr (247,800). The average stack is 109,697.

Notable pros remaining include Marco Traniello (192,500), Matt Matros (144,500), and Hoyt Corkins (56,200).  Day 1 chip leader Brian Mogelefsky is still doing well with 184,400.  And noted WSOP-crier Adam Friedman is among the leaders as well, with 167,400. 

KO’d but in the money include another noted crier, Bernard Lee ($10,700), Jim McManus ($10,700), Tom McEvoy ($10,700), and Joe Hachem ($12,000). 


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