Day 4 Action is Fast and Furious(TM)

Mark Vos (above, bottom left) is currently sucking the soul…and chips…out of his opponents.

People are exiting the Rio Amazon room like someone took a dump in the middle of the floor. You almost can’t get them out of there fast enough. By the first break, we’ve already nearly 100 players.

Among the departed include Jean-Robert Bellande (who went out in dramatic fashion at the featured table, read about it on Tao of Poker), Iggy (same), and Jason Lester/Al Krux (same guy).

Some big movers & shakersTM on moving dayTM include poker pro Allen Cunningham, who moves up to third overall with 1,2M. Cunningham only trails the Mormony named duo of Jeremy Joseph Jingleheimer Schmidt his name is my name too (2,000,000) and Jeremiah Smith (1,480,000).

Also stacking up are Owen Crowe (1,200,000), Matt Matros (1,200,000), Gus Hansen (785,000), "Asian Tommy Lee" Tommy Le (764,000), and Mark Vos, a ginger (735,000).

Feature tabled Phil Hellmuth is also moving…but in the wrong direction…as he’s down to 180,000.

The poker hotties (or as they like to be referred to, The Over One Percenters) still competing for the coveted (and trademarkedTMTM) The Last Woman StandingTM crown include Evelyn Ng (410,000), Maya Antonius (330,000), Tiffany Michelle (200,000), Carmel Petresco (160,000), and Kara Scott (150,000).

Get full chip counts here.


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