Dee Dozier Is The Friday Night Parting Shot

Dee Dozier is the Friday Night Parting Shot.

Last week, Dee Dozier cashed 30th in the WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic.

To celebrate, she did what any self-respected girl would do: she went back to LA and decided to make some sexy-time photos.

Dee manages to flip the switch from “cute” to “sexy” just like we can quickly transform from “sexy” to “incredibly even more sexy.” Truly impressive.

Anyway, those aforementioned sexy-time photos are now this week’s Parting Shot.

Surprisingly, in the storied history of Parting Shot girls, we’ve only had three poker players profiled: Dee, Lacey Jones (in a bikini) and Erica Lindgren (firing a machine gun). So good company there.


Visit Dee’s website here. Follow her on Twitter here.

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