DeepStacks Live WSOP VIP Poker Package Freeroll on Full Tilt

Win a chance to party with Mike Matusow (foreground) and others in Vegas over the July 4th weekend.

This is a little last minute, and if we believed in apologizing we’d apologize, so instead we’ll just say that like the Ustream feed on our latest This Week in Poker, we had some technical difficulties getting this set and leave it at that.

Anyway, it’s still WCP’s 5 Year Anniversary, and like our World Cup brackets, we’re trying to find ways to continually “give back” to you, our readers, in ways that don’t involve snapping pics of girls at the WSOP without their knowledge.

So, on Monday, June 28th at 8pm ET, we’re holding a freeroll tournament on Full Tilt to give away a VIP Poker Package to Deepstacks Live (read more about it here).

The “VIP Poker Package” includes:

  • A three-night stay at Hard Rock Casino
  • Advanced cash and tournament strategies taught by Team DeepStacks
  • A July 2nd VIP Kick-Off Party at Wasted Space with Mike Matusow and other DeepStacks pros and some celebs
  • A July 4th VIP party Mike and the pros at the exclusive SKY BAR overlooking the Strip’s Fireworks show
  • Entry into the exclusive DeepStacks Champions tournament on July 4th
  • You’ll also receive free access to

Here are the freeroll tournament details:
Where: Full Tilt Poker
ID: Tournament #168809825
Date: Monday, June 28
Time: 8pm ET
Password: themouth

If you don’t have a Full Tilt account, register by clicking the below banner.

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Enter: WCP DeepStacks Live WSOP VIP Poker Package Freeroll on Full Tilt


8 Responses

  1. Hyflush

    June 28, 2010 11:56 pm, Reply

    I was lucky enough to win this tourney tonight. Thank you soo much Wicked Chops for advertising it…..great site….keep up the good work

    • Hyflush

      June 29, 2010 8:26 am, Reply

      Thanks WCE…..What is my next step? Do I have to talk with one of you guys or someone from FullTilt?

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