Denise Pernula and Half Naked Girls at Las Vegas Pool Parties Makes for a Good Show

Concepting the final nine episodes of the Sopranos. Easy stuff. The whole season basically writes itself. Now developing a show for that stars Denise Pernula in a bathing suit surrounded by morally loose, half-naked girls on ecstasy shaking their asses at Las Vegas pool parties. That’s the kind of material only true creative geniuses can dream up.

Below you can check out the debut webisode of “Denise’s Endless Summer” shot on location at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Rehab pool party, our favorite place to get arrested on Sundays. Pay particular attention to the girl doing her thing just about 4 starting exactly at 2:42 minutes in. Damn if she isn’t the Anna Pavlova of pool-side ass shaking.

Finally, after the jump below is a photo of Tiffany Selby, the Playboy Playmate for July 2007. Why? Because we happen to notice that the bathing suit she’s wearing in the pic looks just like the one Denise Pernula is wearing in the video. We also noticed that she’s fantastically hot and fun to look at.



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  1. CJ

    July 20, 2007 9:44 am, Reply

    You’re really doing your readers a disservice… the masterful ass-shaking is 3 minutes in… not four minutes in.

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