Denise Pernula Showing Sexy Halloween Costumes Makes for a Good Post

While we wait for Dan Druff’s response to Mark Seif’s vid on later this morning, now is a good time for 2007 November Playboy model Denise Pernula to remind what Halloween is all about. Yes, we know what you’re thinking, but no, Halloween is not about the Great Pumpkin or candy corn or stupid kids cutting holes in a sheet to dress as ghosts or how many drive by eggings we did while in high school (497ish).

Instead, Halloween has somehow [miraculously] evolved into the one day a year where girls having a foolproof excuse to dress as slutty as they want…truly making it America’s greatest holiday. Hopefully all of your girlfriends/fiances/wives/friend’s girlfriends/friend’s fiances/friends wives/sisters/co-workers look as good as Denise does in these outfits.

Happy Halloween…


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