Diane Nguyen (aka Who is this girl) at the WPT Invitational

Diane Nguyen at the WPT InvitationalDiane Nguyen, the hot poker playing chick from the “Who is this girl” thread on 2p2, played the WPT Invitational at the Commerce this past weekend, making it to the second day.

Diane recently moved to LA and confirmed Saturday night that she isn’t the camera phone girl who “Arbitage” posted a pic of on the 2p2 thread (see that pic here).

Apparently that is just another hot Asian girl.

We knew it wasn’t Diane but Jon from Pokulator isn’t convinced, even after asking her during the tournament and showing her a pic of the camera phone girl on one of our iphones.

As a side note, we’re pretty sure Diane, who once said “I am from Canada where we live in igloos and have sleighs instead of cars,” digs us more than Billy Bob from Canada who commented on our ice fishing post today…check that out here.

See more of our photos of Diane Nguyen at the WPT Invitational on Saturday night after the jump . . .

UPDATE: Worth the mention . . . Diane impressively pocketed more than $70k at the LAPC this year.



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