Does Anyone Know What the Eff IveyPoker Is Doing?

I’m paying WHO a rev share now too? Who the eff is that?

Ok ok ok. So what the eff is IveyPoker again?

IveyPoker came out the gate not strong at the 2012 WSOP Main Event final table, patching eventual winner Greg Merson.

Except the patch was barely legible on the first broadcast day of the final table. It came into bigger and better focus the day Merson won.

Since then, IveyPoker has signed a few A-list pros (Patrik Antonius, Jen Harman) and a bunch of WTFs.

Most of the deals are rev shares, in that IveyPoker will share whatever non-existent revenue it generates with said pros.

We know IveyPoker will offer free-to-play poker (we’re assuming that it’s monetized via virtual goods and currency). And they will offer training (they just acquired Leggo Poker). And we figure they hope to convert those players to real money depositors when the laws open up (because Phil Ivey is a shoe-in for a gaming license) or potentially as a European-based operator (because if one thing has been proven over and over again the past five or so years, PokerStars and FullTilt are easy to steal market share from…oh wait no they’re not).

So…how is this going two work?

As we all know now, unless you’re Zynga, it’s freaking hard to generate revenue with traditional free-to-play poker. And as we learned from Full Tilt, it’s difficult to run a solvent business if 200+ pros are on the payroll.

And there’s little money left in online poker training until we get RMG back in the U.S.

So IveyPoker keeps signing pros, yet hasn’t launched a product, and hopes to acquire customers mostly based on the celebrity of the top two real money cash players in the world (Ivey, Antonius) who will basically never play on their own site for free.

We’re not saying IveyPoker is Epic 2.0, but if anyone can explain to us how they’re going to be successful, we’re all ears.



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