Don Cheadle Further Proves Why He Is One of the Coolest Dudes Alive

Wicked Chops Poker isn’t gonna lie to you. We save the lying for our wives.

So we’ll freely admit that we were a bit upset when Don Cheadle drew Phil Ivey in round 1 of the NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship.

Doncheadleericklindgren_2Don Cheadle, you see, is one of our favorite actors. Period. From his spin as Ice Tray on one episode of the Fresh Prince to his role as the guy who ran Hotel Rwanda, there’s hardly an actor alive who hits it out of the park more consistently than Cheadle.

In turn, Phil Ivey is one of our favorite pros. One of our best experiences ever while writing for this site was in 2005 while covering the WSOP Main Event. For two hours we witnesses Ivey play every hole card and wreck his table. Just an amazing display of poker.

So when Cheadle drew Ivey at the National Heads Up draw party, we hoisted our fist in the air and screamed, "Why God! Whyyyyyyyyy!"

It was like when ABC and UPN pitted  "My Wife and Kids" against "Everybody Hates Chris." Just totally, TOTALLY not cool.

Side note: For a closer look at what it’s like to miss out on a Don Cheadle interview on a red carpet, check out yesterday’s Daily News.

Of course, everyone in the room, including Cheadle, assumed that Ivey would make quick work of him. This is Phil Freaking Ivey we’re talking about. But then something crazy happened. Something wonderful and crazy. Cheadle showed the world exactly why he is Cheadle. He beat Phil Ivey. Don Cheadle advances.

Some other upsets included…

Vanessa Rousso, a woman, over Erick Lindgren.
Shannon Elizabeth, a woman, over that creepy guy married to Celine Dion.
Annie Duke, a woman, over Jeff Shulman.
Isabelle Mercier, woman, over some guy we’ve never heard of (Eric Larrivee).
And Kristy Gazes, a woman, over Clonie Gowen…well, we guess that would’ve been an upset either way.

Some key match-ups today include:

Mike Matusow vs. Michael Mizrachi
Gavin Smith vs. Johnny Chan
(And our pick to win) Huck Seed vs. Chip Reese

And for a look at Daniel Negreanu’s perspective on his loss against Mike Matusow, visit


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