Don Topel Did Not Win One Million Dollars

We haven’t seen the ratings yet for this past week’s Face the Ace, but our guess is they couldn’t have been much worse than the premiere.

After beating Erick Lindgren and Howard Lederer last week, this episode featured Don Topel going for one million dollars. Not to spoil it for you, but it didn’t happen. Ok fuck it we spoiled it. Gavin Smith beat him. Steve Schirripa still sucked. Click the above vid to watch it.


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  1. Slim

    August 10, 2009 4:39 pm, Reply

    Face the Ace a ratings disgrace for NBC

    In its second outing, the poker contest/reality show Face the Ace averaged 1.46 million viewers, and a 0.3/1 (rating/share) with adults 18-49. Even for Saturday night it was the lowest-rated, least-watched show on broadcast all evening. Dead last place for the hour, trailing by far repeats of Finding Nemo and 48 Hours Mystery and a new episode of America’s Most Wanted which performed almost six times better than Face with adults 18-49.

    No disrespect intended to any fans of the show — I’ve never seen it — or Steve Schirripa, who I loved on The Sopranos. Face the Ace is ending its prime-time run as of last night’s episode. Apparently the plan from the time the show was announced was always to air it twice in prime-time and then move it to Saturday afternoons. I’m not sure where and when it will be moved, though. In my program guide the only episodes I can see upcoming are airing on CNBC, and they might be reruns of the shows already aired on NBC.

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