Don’t F*CK With Jamie Gold

Because he will call you. And flop a straight.

Jamiegold29_2On what turned out to be the final hand of Prahlad Friedman’s 2006 WSOP, Jamie Gold raised from middle position for 400k. Friedman moved all-in for his remaining 1.3M with A-3o. Getting 2-to-1 odds on the hand, Gold calls. With 7-8o.

The flop: 4-5-6.

Don’t fuck with him.

Gold goes into the break now with around 18.2M. Charging and closing the gap is Allen Cunningham with 13.4M. Next closest to them is Dan Nassif with 6,200,000. With the elimination of Atlanta’s Dustin Holmes, only 18 remain.

UPDATE: After the break, the 18 remaining got new seat assignments. Uh, let’s just say the 9 that didn’t get stuck at the featured table lucked out. For the first time of the 2006 WSOP ME, Jamie Gold and Allen Cunningham will share a table. Joining them include William Thorsson, David Einhorn, Leif Force, and Jeffrey Lisandro, among others.


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