Doyle Brunson Makes Bucket List


While we could probably name fiftytrilliongazillion poker players whose lifestyles would make them a more likely candidate to croak in '09, Blend Celebrity has just published their annual 100 Most Likely to Die List, and clocking in at number 16 is Doyle Brunson.

Says the site:

Cause: Obesity
Reason: Still nearly as sharp as when he won back to back World Series Of Poker Main Event titles, Doyle’s weight has been quite an issue for awhile. The legend once lost a hundred pounds in a year to win a million dollar bet, but Texas Dolly’s seventy-five year old frame won’t be able to support him forever.
Chance We’ll See An Obituary: 10%

We predicted that the 2009 WSOP would definitely be Doyle's last, but damn, 1-10 shot at making it to 2010?

Topping the list was Andy Rooney and Tom Sizemore. Works for us. View the entire list here.


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  1. JackAce

    January 8, 2009 3:05 pm, Reply

    Ummm…it’s a 9:1 shot of making it to 2010. “Chance we’ll see an obituary: 10%” implies that it’s a 1 in 10 chance of dying.

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