Doyle Brunson Not Arrested, Says is confirming that Doyle Brunson was NOT arrested. The no-holds-barred online gambling news site that occasionally makes Wicked Chops Poker look like a site run by Puritans, if Puritans were into half-dress pics of Keeley Hazell, said that Doyle’s nurse checked on the poker legend in his Texas home this afternoon and found him there, completely unaware of the rumors of his arrest.

In related news, an amazingly hot girl who happens to share the same name as the mediocre-ly hot Christina Aguilera, but no way can be the same girl because this girl is amazingly hot, did a spread in MAXIM that you should check out here, as a way of celebrating Doyle’s non-arrest.


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  1. Kajagugu

    February 12, 2007 1:58 pm, Reply

    Maybe this is like one of those freak terror alerts that happen before the event. When so many sources claim an event has happened and it hasn’t, there is a good chance it will happen soon.

  2. snake

    February 12, 2007 2:34 pm, Reply

    It seems the Feds are interested in going after the sports betting sites, not the poker sites, and doing so under the Wire Act as well as state laws. Also, DoylesRoom is not run by Doyle but instead by DBPN, which is incorporated and licensed in Curacao, and I believe Doyle’s formal connection is as an endorser of the site rather than owner and operator of the site. The Feds have not shown a willingness yet to go after those who promote and endorse sites. Third, someone like Howard Lederer is more likely to get nabbed by the Feds than Doyle Brunson.

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