Doyle Brunson Not Planning to Kick Bucket in 2009


Good thing the cart master in Monty Python and the Holy Grail wasn't walking by when Doyle  was napping.

A few weeks ago poker blogger Doyle Brunson made news for making's 2009 100 Most Likely People to Die List. The expected cause of death was listed as obesity and the website put the chances of Doyle kicking the bucket by year's end at 10%.

Well Doyle, who is so old that when he reads about the Civil War he reminisces, has called out Mack Rawden of Cinema Blend and issued a wager.

Said Doyle:

Some clown who produces the, “Blend Celebrity Bucket List”, put the 100
most likely celebs to die in 2009.  Guess who he had at #16?  That’s
right, me.  To start with, I don’t consider myself a celebrity, so I
don’t qualify.  But, if I did, I sure don’t have any plans for kicking
the bucket anytime soon and surely not in 2009.  He should check on my
family genes, both sides lived up into their 90’s.  He should talk to
my doctor and get my blood pressure results, my 140 reading on my
cholesterol and the raves my cardiologist gives me on my EKG’s.  He
said obesity would cause my death.  He should have seen me 5 years ago
when I was 130 lbs heavier.  Anyway, he said it was a 10% chance I
would die.  I would like to lay 10-1 for any amount if anybody knows
this joker.

Word is Rawden got a hold of Brunson and took him up on the offer, wagering $1,000 to Doyle's $10k. Proceeds are said to be going to the American Cancer Society, so if Doyle does die this year in say some mysterious mobility scooter accident, we know who we'll be suspicious of.

In related news, the Bring Out Your Dead scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail after the jump….


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