Doyle Brunson Opens the 2008 WSOP and Cougar Accepts WCP Invite

Tom_schneider_6It was no surprise when WCP asked “a woman” to write on their site but it was quite the shocker when they chose “a woman” who hadn’t undressed for money. Nonetheless, it was a quick affirmative as I knew I would have full access to their private jet and yacht. We debated… In the Cage with a Cougar, Five Minutes with a Cougar, The Cougar’s Roar and settled on The Cougar Corner.

They call me the Cougar for at least two of the following reasons:

1. It’s an inside joke.
2. I married a man 392 days my junior.
3. It makes the 1/3 of WCP married to a Cougar feel better.
4. Cougar halts at the border of offensiveness and my husband scares them.
5. I attended Cougar classes here.

However, last night between their beer bongs, SEXT* messages (to their current and first wives) and casino streaking, they couldn’t decide what exactly qualified one as a Cougar. Did she hunt or just prefer younger men? Should Cougars be at least 40 years-old with relations averaging a ten year age difference? Did a Cougar need to be a fan of the Chippendale dancers?

In Cougar summary, it doesn’t matter because they’ve branded me with the nickname and now, since several people addressed me as Cougar yesterday at the 2008 WSOP, I guess it’s “Time to Say Goodbye” to nickname numero uno…the Black Widow.

Hump to the jump for WSOP updates.

Now let’s talk shop… Doyle Brunson opened the 2008 WSOP telling dealers to “Shuffle Up and Deal” the $10k Pot Limit Hold’em event yesterday after a marching band drummed and blew their way through the Amazon ballroom playing Viva Las Vegas. 

“I’m already thinking about how to top the marching band next year” said Jeffrey Pollack, who was not wearing matching suits with Marcel Luske. 

Top pros made up at least 75% of the field so the winner should receive excellent coverage unless it’s Tom Schneider who was seen watching Pauly in the media press box yesterday (photo above).  Opening day sightings to note… JC Tran, Phil Ivey, Chris "Sweet Baby Jesus" Ferguson and Phil Laak playing the $10k event which is not to be confused with the 10-20 NL game at the Bellagio.  And super sexy Shannon Elizabeth in the hallway not Dancing with the Stars.

*A SEXT message is when you send sexual text messages. I made this word up so don’t copy this cat. Meow.

UPDATE: Apparently I did NOT coin SEXT message.  Dang.

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