Doyle Brunson Wins 10th Bracelet

Doyle"Established pros" are the new "Internet whiz-kids" at this year’s WSOP. 

And 10-3 is the new 10-2. 

Doyle Brunson has won his 10th bracelet, tying Johnny Chan for the most all-time. 

Brunson bested Minh Ly in Event #29 ($5,000 Short-Handed NLH) for the title.  On the final hand, Minh Ly limped on the button, and Brunson attempted a steal by moving all in.  Ly, setting a trap, quickly calls.  Brunson has the 10c-3d… Ly the Ks-Qd. The flop produces a 9s-8d-3h, giving Brunson a pair.  A King or Queen do not make an appearance on the turn and river, and Brunson wins the event and $367,800. Minh Ly takes home $203,715 for 2nd.

At 71, Brunson is having maybe one of the best year’s of his career.  He’s a true class act, champion, and legend of the game.

Other cash finishers in Event #29 (making this win for Brunson even more impressive) includes: 3rd – Scotty Nguyen ($106,105), 4th – Layne Flack ($99,030), 5th – Ayaz Mahmood ($82,055), 6th – Jason Lester ($67,905), 7th –  Steven Rosen ($45,270), 8th Men Nguyen ($45,270), 11th – Chris "Jesus" Ferguson ($16,975), 15th -John Hennigan ($11,320),  17th – John Juanda $11,320, 18th – Jean Michael Kabbaj ($11,320), 29th – Allen Cunningham ($8,490), 30th – Chip Reese ($8,490),  33rd – Peter Costa ($7,780),  40th – Lee Watkinson ($6,790).


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  1. Paul

    July 1, 2005 12:57 pm, Reply

    The best part about this is that Helmuth now has two ahead him on the all-time list. cry…baby…cry!!!
    Good luck in Vegas in WCP!

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