Doyle Is Out and Everyone Is Happy

Doylebrunson1After about nine hours of play into Day 1B, Doyle Brunson has been eliminated.

And everyone applauded . . . and cheered . . . and jumped up and down as Doyle got up and walked away from his table. Because he has been eliminated.

While we understand that people are merely giving the man the props he is most certainly due, we think getting eliminated is nothing to applaud, cheer and jump up and down about. We think being eliminated sucks, hurts and blows.

So if, and when, the entities that comprise Wicked Chops Enterprise LLC become legends like Doyle, please don’t applaud, cheer and jump up and down for us when we get eliminated on Day 1 of the World Series of Poker. Cry perhaps. Give us hugs. Tell us it will be alright and that there’s always next year. Console us with hookers and midgets. But please don’t applaud, cheer and jump up and down for us.

More photos of people applauding, cheering and jumping up and down because Doyle Brunson has been eliminated after the jump.



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