Dr. Scott Lewis, Not Mel Molnick, Behind Bodog Domain Names Swipe

Less than a day after Bodog‘s domain names were shutdown per a court order out of the Superior Court of Kings County in Seattle, Washington, online gambling news sites pinned opportunist Mel Molnick, the Al Gore of online gambling, as the culprit even though the Las Vegas resident wasn’t even a party to the lawsuit.

Bdgirlsmeghan11Today, media outlets like Gambling911 and Points Spread, who are all over the Bodog.com news like Jenna Jameson’s duck lips on Tito Ortiz’s tongue, are clarifying that it isn’t in fact the man who claims he invented online gambling but instead it’s Dr. Scott Lewis, the CEO of 1st Technology LLC, who is the thorn in Calvin Ayre’s arse.

Lewis, who’s probably not the same Dr. Scott Lewis who is a Las Vegas hypnotist, apparently led the development of some thing-a-ma-jigger that involved a circuit chip and some other technology stuff and had sued Bodog over his patent for “Method and System for Interactively Transmitting Multimedia Information Over a Network which Requires a Reduced Bandwidth.”

For those who like to read legal stuff, head over to Major Wager for links to all the court documents involving the default judgment granted by the US District Court in Nevada.

What’s interesting in looking at the documents (we read the first page) is that Rational Enterprises LTDA and Rational Poker School Limited, the companies behind PokerStars.com, were also named as defendants alongside Bodog in 1st Technology’s initial patent lawsuit but weren’t a part of the default judgment.



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