Dusk Till Dawn Becomes UK’s First Legal Poker Club

DusktilldawngirlIn what is being billed as a landmark decision across the Atlantic, a Nottingham Magistrates Court has issued Dusk Till Dawn a casino license, making it the first legal poker club in the UK, and with 45 poker tables, the largest in Western Europe.

“It’s been a lot of hard work these last two years but we’ve crossed the final hurdle and we can look ahead to when we open later this year to make DTD the best poker club in Europe,” said Rob Yong, Managing Director of Dusk Till Dawn, which we’re most familiar with for using above average hot chicks to promote its brand and even letting them get groped by poker pros like Roland de Wolfe (as seen in photo).

The DTD license was vigorously objected to by three casino chains, Gala, Stanley’s and London Clubs International, who all argued that there was not enough demand in the local area.

The deciding factor seemed to be that DTD was only seeking to open a poker room without other types of casino gaming.

The Chairman of the Betting and Gaming Committee said in his verdict:

“I can safely say that if you had come to us with the intention of obtaining a full gaming license we would have denied it . . . however as you wish to open a poker only club, we feel there is demand for the facilities you offer. As such we will issue you a license with the condition that only poker can be played there and no slot machines will be allowed.”

The DTD website points out that this was the last case heard under the 1968 Gambling Act which has been replaced with the 2005 Gambling Act. Under the 1968 Act it is possible to apply for a gaming license with restrictions imposed on the licensee, such as not allowing slots. However under the 2005 Act a license automatically gives the licensee the right to host all casino games, and with the 1968 Act being replaced with the 2005 Act all licenses are now automatically converted effectively allowing DTD to host all casino games despite the magistrate’s restrictions.

It is expected the club will make its debut in late November 2007.

After the jump, photos from the DTD Girls photo shoot in Monte Carlo.

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