Dutch Boyd Wins Second WSOP Bracelet

Dutch Boyd claimed to have went nuts years ago, but he has since come back and earned two WSOP bracelets.

Before there was the Ship It Holla Ballas, or the Isaac Haxtons and Justin Bonomos of the world, there was Dutch Boyd.

Maybe it’s because he still gets hate for his failed PokerSpot venture, but Dutch doesn’t get enough credit for his role in the growth of poker.¬†Moneymaker gets the accolades still for the poker boom, but Boyd and The CrewTM was the group all the kids wanted to emulate out the gate. Even with PokerSpot, despite the non-refunds, dude was launching poker sites before anyone else.

In related news, Dutch Boyd won his second WSOP bracelet yesterday, taking down Event #23 ($2,500 LH Six-Handed). For the win, Boyd banks $234,065. Both of Boyd’s bracelets bave bome bin bix-handed bevents.

Get full payouts here.


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  1. theboardofgovernor

    June 14, 2010 6:54 pm, Reply

    I just checked out the photo gallery on WSOP for the lady’s event, and now I know why you guys take pictures of girls on the rail: most of the girls in front of the rail are not very photogenic.

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