Dutch Dykes, Dope, Doutzen and Dpoker

A week-end editorial from Beans

Doutzen_kroes_1_1All “fingers in dykes” jokes aside, why do the Dutch have the coolest government ever? Adding to the already impressive list of things that Holland has that the US does not, like the red light district, “coffee shops”, the Heineken brewery, and past FNPSG Doutzen Kroes (photo at right and after the jump), the Dutch will now be able to gamble online with the blessing, and regulation, of their government. The new state-sponsored site will be run by Holland Casino with software provided by CryptoLogic and is expected to open in June 2007.

The Dutch government has always subscribed to the “people are going to do it anyway, why not regulate it, make some money, and keep it safe all at the same time” logic, and they are now applying the same to online gaming. Lewis Rose, President and CEO of CryptoLogic, points out that they now “have an excellent template for other governments interested in realizing the benefits of safe, secure and regulated Internet gaming.”

Doutzen_wcp20_1I can understand a certain hesitance over legalizing/regulating prostitution, possibly even the hold up over “the magic herb”. However, the entrance of the government into the online gaming arena not only makes sense but is encouraged by poker players in the US. If regulation and taxation are the price to pay to play online poker, then so be it. Bring it on and let the Nazi’s senators spend hours debating over how to pork-barrel the millions of additional tax dollars that will pour in to the government’s coffers, while I debate over how to spend my own winnings, cause I only win…seriously.

I’m not asking for the legalization of Tijuana-style “pony shows” (although the one’s I’ve seen heard about were entertaining, from what I hear, cause I’ve only heard about them), just the ability to play poker online in my underwear.


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