Duuuude, I Just Won Like a Hundy K Pot Off perkyshmerky. . . HeHeHe . . . I Just Said Pot

We first saw the video below over at BillRini.com. It’s a few weeks old but in case you haven’t seen it, it’s high-stakes online poker player Krantz (aka Pr1nnyraid) playing $200-400 NL heads-up against perkyshmerky while baked out of his mind on pot brownies.

If these kids aren’t the poster boys for an online poker carve out.

In not quite related news, this is what British hottie Bianca Gascoigne looks like as a hot brunette and this is what she looks like as a hot blonde and this is what she looks like when she’s told she’s fat by a troll.

Link to video and read the hand history here on 2+2.


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