Dwyte Pilgrim Can’t Golf

The man the myth the legend, Black Phil Ivey, Big Sldick, the one and only Dwyte Pilgrim
is no Phil Mickelson.*

At least that’s evident in the above video.

During the WPT Legends of Poker, Mike Sexton, Vince Van Patton, the aforementioned Dwyte Pilgrim, Tony Dunst, the Royal Flush Girls, and others got together for a round of golf. ¬†As poker has been overrun by the math geeks, and with the WSOP on ESPN just showing hands of poker (on a poker broadcast, the horror!) and none of the fun stuff any more, well, it’s good to see degens being degens every now and then still.

Fun vid. Carry on.

* What, were you expecting us to say Tiger Woods? Y’all are racist. Wow. You’re like a bunch of David Dukes for the 90’s.


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